BlogBattle: Exotic ~ #Poetry

#BlogBattle: Exotic

October 2020 Blog Battle

Our word this month is:



New Magic

Merlin no longer walks the halls of Camelot
Where Arthur lost his love
Where Knights search for the Holy cup
Dark castle walls crackle with magic
Old lightning storms echo through forest glades
Whispering spirits can be heard, worry not,
time will return, new magic will be found
Blown in by eastern winds
Exotic sounds beat against your eardrums
Foreign yet fresh, east meets west
Blending, folding into new ideas
New religions, new magic from old…

©anitadawes 2020

6 thoughts on “BlogBattle: Exotic ~ #Poetry

  1. I will not be original in my comment and, instead, I will say that this was thought-provoking. Magic like in the good ‘ol days does not seem to exist anymore. It’s been replaced by impenetrable darkness and superhero in cheap costumes. But your piece also gave us some home. Maybe soon we will have a new kind of magic revealed to us.

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  3. Well that prompt generated some magical interpretations! Really thought provoking with allusions to old lore. New magics from old… very suggestive of hope from decline of the past…something Abe spotted above too.

    I hope Anita is doing better too.

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  4. I enjoy these poems that make me sit and think a while. There’s so much this piece could be alluding to … change … lost love … that it shows great depth. I also liked how the beginning and the end tie together, from what no longer is to the possibilities for the future. Nice!

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