Book Review – D Wallace Peach – Allies & Spies – Unraveling the Veil, Book 2

Jessica Bakkers

To help celebrate the celebrate the launch of D. Wallace Peach’sAllies and Spies, Book 2 in the fantasy series, Unraveling the Veil, I’d like to share the following review…

Allies and Spies (Unraveling the Veil Book 2) by [D. Wallace Peach]


Trust is as thin as a blade’s edge. Secrets abound. And no one is who they seem. Kalann il Drakk, the First of Chaos, makes a bargain with his brethren, in which the future of civilization hangs in the balance.

Thrust together by a sacred oath, a halfbreed goblin, a misfit elf, and a changeling spy unite in an uneasy alliance. But their mission to learn the truth of the strange disappearances must wait—for they owe a blood debt to the changeling queen.

In the Raveen Mountains, the cornerstones of Naj’s life crumble. Goblins assemble a massive shipment of crystals for the Borderland—enough to power Ka Radiff for a decade or, with a single spark, blow it…

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