What If…




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The other afternoon

we were playing a game of What If

Me, I would like to have a star ship

to travel around the milky way and beyond

Looking for new life and adventure

Jaye would be a great pianist,

playing concerts around the world

Which means I would have no one

to work the computer for me

My kids joined in, having filled

their bellies with Jaye’s cooking

They’re not kids anymore, but joined in anyway

My eldest girl said she would like more family time

Eating, playing silly buggers together

My son said what I had heard a million times

He wants to win a million to give up work

and take care of the family

My youngest son said he would

like to drive a steam train

Something he fell in love with

when he was five. He is now 49.

I would love to grant each of their desires

A special pass for one day only

I guess it will have to be in another lifetime…


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