Nonbeliever… #Poetry




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I don’t believe in heaven nor hell

I float in between the space

where nonbelievers think they know all

when I speak of it, I am shot down in flames

friends turn on me as if I spat on Excalibur

defiled Arthur’s memory.

Merlin waiting in the wings

To lay a spell on this heretic

I wish it were true that someone could help me

Believe in more than nothing

More than you live, you die

In between, you make your own heaven and hell

If miracles be true, then I am in need of one

If asked can the future be glimpsed

I would say no, until now

Accompanying a friend to church

Yes, I don’t mind stepping inside

I watched as she lit a candle

The flame danced with a life of its own

I felt a strange chill blow through the aisle

With the door closed there should be little air here

I noticed the flame turn from orange to blue

It grew to twice the size

Within the blue halo, I could see the face of a woman

A voice beside me whispered

She is to be your wife

I shook my head, thinking I had too many coffees

Leaving the church, thinking no more of it

My friend suggested lunch

I was hungry enough to eat a horse

Here my friend met a colleague

The face within the flame stood before me

As if she had stepped out of the church of Avalon

Where we had been moments ago…

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