Autumn Leaves…



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Catching a falling leaf for good luck is harder than you think

They will hit you on the head, drop on your shoulder

I have had one land smack in the middle of my chest

Still not in my hand. Is good luck trying to avoid me?

Winter comes, I watch the leaves fall

Windblown down my street

I never see anyone reach out a hand to catch one

They brush them from their shoulders

I wonder, have they just brushed good luck away?

Rain managed to stick one to my window

As if to say, there you go, you know you want me

The saddest time is when I reach out my hand

It is about to drop when the smallest wind blows it

Dancing past my outstretched palm, empty once again

An old wives tale I cannot forget and will continue to try

One day I will hold that autumn leaf in my hand…


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