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What do you See? June 11/2019

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Photo prompt June 11 to June 17, 2019:


Weekly challenge


The light of spirit leaves the broken image

Of a long-forgotten saint

Holding an ancient scroll, said

to lead to the riches of Solomon

Fear destroys what cannot be understood

The spirit hides in the shadows watching

As they try to decipher the scroll

Taken from the hollow face

The head of a serpent slides

from the sleeve of the Saint

Wrapped around the scroll

Seems to have gone unnoticed

Is it wisdom that hides there,

Or the face of evil?

The alcove echoes with forgotten whispers

Of a time when Solomon entertained demons

To do his will, build his temples

Punish when needed

The weak of mind still wonder whose footsteps

They hear behind them on their journey home

Will they sleep well tonight, knowing

the shadows pulse with old magic?


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