The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 399



Wordle 399.png


Look not upon deaths cruel face

Nor decay where worms dwell

Move on to new dimensions

Let your own words write your destiny

Sit a while beneath the shade of a maple tree

Watch the sun bleed through blood- red leaves

The shadows drawn by your feet

See the patterns, strange worlds forming

Stories to be written by silent shadows voice

Let life wash over you, remove the boot that holds you

where you no longer need to be

Let bird’s song in, hear the music of our feathered friends

Let the feral world you dislike, fade from memory

Find a broken mansion, walls crumbled, forgotten

Build it new; bring love back to where it once lived

Let in the cat that lives outside

Companionship, a friend to whisper your secrets to

Watch as his black fur gently rises in sleep

On that old stool, you rescued now in front of the fire

Sit back; stir that cube of sugar in your coffee cup

Let not thoughts bait old memories return

Your written words paint life in rainbow colours

One thing left to do, live it…


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