#99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

April 4: Flash Fiction Challenge




Prometheus stole fire to give to mankind.

For this the great Titan was punished by Zeus

tied to a rock so an eagle would eat his liver

which would heal overnight

to be eaten again the next day.

Until a hero comes. Hercules to the rescue.

I have thought of Prometheus as my hero

his punishment did not fit the crime.

Now he is mostly forgotten,

we sit on the beach, toast our marshmallows

the fire taken for granted.

Fire can take a forest, leaving burnt ash

yet it will grow again like Prometheus liver,

magic in the flame…


10 thoughts on “#99 word Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry

  1. Such a profound verse, and yet the most powerful image is that of sitting with Prometheus, toasting marshmallows on the beach! Yes, we can see the myth come to life in the way tragic way forests burn and regenerate.

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  2. They didn’t treat each other kindly years ago, did they? Mind you ‘they’ still don’t…..I was only just recently reminded of the Titans and the Gods fighting each other…..Nothing’s changed!. Hey ho.

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