Say it, Live it… #Poetry




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Say it, Live it

Hope never dies, it seems to live forever

People grab hold of it from time to time

Keep it in mind, say without thinking

“I hope my luck holds out.”

I would rather open my window, let fresh air in

Welcome joy, it comes in small, unexpected parcel

Like yesterday, two strangers said hello as I passed by

That is hope working without the need to think about it

I might be wrong, yet the sound of laughter gives me hope

A gift I wasn’t expecting that made me smile

Seems to me, that hope is a living thing

It is all around us, you don’t have to wish for it

Or pray for it. It is in the air, the rain, people passing by

After all, it was the last gift in Pandora’s box

The wind carries it, carrying it far and wide

Whenever you are feeling down, open a window

Breathe in. It is the one thing that keeps us going

Don’t follow any master, be the master

Tomorrow brings a new promise of hope fulfilled…


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