Splintered… #Poetry



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This morning I awoke

 My mind empty

An abandoned building

Chipped peeling wallpaper

Full of emotions

Tiptoeing on eggshells

My thoughts jagged

Lace curtains pulled through

Broken glass

Ghosts hide in dark corners

Left over sound like dry leaves

Whispers of lost dreams

Slipping into rotting floorboards

Life is splintered, gone

A broken mirror hangs on the far wall

Pieces missing, forgotten

A puzzle with no image

Shadows live between the cracks

Time hidden behind the frame

Moving through the walls

Like the chatter of a busy market

Peoples lives, their story

Stamped into the brickwork…

A kind of living braille

To be read by sensitive hands

Laughter, happiness, colliding

With overwhelming sorrow

Touching your skin

Reaching out for life

As I move from room to room

Sliding my hand over broken furniture

I have the feeling I know this house

I have sat in that worn out chair

I make my way back to the broken mirror

Sunlight from the street

Filtering through dirty windows

Dust devils dance in the beam

Keeping their secrets

I see no image of myself

Only dust and light

I run from room to room

Before the penny drops

I am the ghost that lives in this house…


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