Don’t Hurry…



Cold nights, lonely hearts

Lay on pavements forgotten

Walked by, busy minds too hurried to see

Young and old, they sleep alone

Under paper, cardboard, barely visible

To those who pass by

A warm cup of tea, coffee

Would take a moment to buy

A sandwich to fill an empty space

See the look of sorrow

Change to one of gratitude

To know that someone noticed

Is more than thankyou can say

Please don’t hurry by, as if blinded by the light

Underneath those rags, a brother,

A son, a father, a daughter lies…


3 thoughts on “Don’t Hurry…

  1. I’ve bought sandwiches before for homeless people I’ve seen sleeping rough in the West End. A few have told me that what they’d prefer is one that you’ve written about above… a warm cup of tea or coffee (apparently everyone buys sandwiches).

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