#Throwback Thursday: Not Really Gone by Blair Sharpe #Biography




“In every family there is a rock—the person that keeps things together. In Blaire Sharpe’s family, that rock was her grandma. As she shares the inspiring story of her relationship with her grandma, Blaire expands on the notion of what it really means to be loved.
When she was just an infant, Blaire’s troubled parents divorced. Since both parents were incapable of raising Blaire and her siblings, the children were slated for foster care—until their grandmother, Eleanor, stepped in to raise them as her own. As Eleanor valiantly struggled against a family legacy of alcoholism and depression, she modeled strength and wisdom to endure the most challenging of times. Still, Blaire’s life was not perfect. As she matured into adulthood, she battled addictions that eventually led her into recovery, just as Eleanor’s health began to decline. When she found herself sandwiched between two generations, each increasingly needy, Blaire poignantly reveals how she discovered the true meaning of love and commitment, and the essence of what it means to be a mother.
Not Really Gone is the story about the undying love a grandmother gave her granddaughter—a love that inspired her to carry on and become the rock in her own family.”


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did,

But people will never forget how you made them feel…”    Maya Angelou


About the Author

Blaire Sharpe holds master’s degrees in Business and Mental Health Counseling. She specializes in working with adults suffering from mood disorders and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Blaire lives in a suburb of Detroit with her husband, three children, and two dogs. This is her first book.


Our Review…

I love reading about families, they are always so different and interesting. My own family was not ideal, dysfunctional doesn’t really cover it, but if I had a grandmother like this one, who knows what I may have become.

It is remarkably easy to find yourself in a less than desirable situation, and easier still to find yourself in a difficult situation. It is also easy to blame yourself when so many things go wrong.

The journey with her grandmother is a lovely story, albeit incredibly sad towards the end, but always written with love and compassion. I loved the brave and fearless way the author bares her soul never shying away from uncomfortable truths.

Not Really Gone is a brilliantly written, no holds barred, fascinating insight into the life of a family, richly yet painfully reflecting the love woven throughout and I would recommend it whole heartedly…



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