Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge #poetry #etheree

This is Anita’s contribution to:

I find these so hard to do, but Anita has no problem!






It be

Know I am

Too amazing

I can study hard

To write with knowledge found

I am told my words fit well

My stories are read the pages turned

Leave a review for today, one star

Or two will do to help me on my way

I need a break to make the top book shelf

Don’t doubt the words you wrote my teacher said

Be sure they mean what’s in your head

I know you have what it takes

Nice words I need to hear

Star in the making

Dad would be pleased

To see me

Reach the




Take it to

Fine lines written

Enjoyable times

Welcome knowledge today

Amazing story to write

It’s time to weave your magic spell

Time given to new flights of fancy

Make your words dance and sing on every page


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