#Writephoto: Calm



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Happy Places

I live on a very busy street, we have traffic twenty-four seven.

However, I can close my eyes and within seconds, I am on top of Mount Snowden for the morning.

Later on, I will jump a cloud and sail past the moon, blowing kisses to my favourite orb. Then swim in the Milky Way on my way home. One last stop before work. I am off to the coral seas to swim with my favourite clownfish. They make me happy, therefore my mind is calm.

There are so many other doorways in my mind that I first learned to walk through while at school. The trick is choosing the right door for the moment. I have so many places where I can hide, if only for a few moments.

I know there must be many of you that do the same thing, especially when writing. The mind can take you to some strange places…



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