More Chills for Halloween… #Poetry



Don’t Knock

Halloween is not about children with bags of candy

Beware whose door you knock upon.

There are those who live among us

They blend in well.

On Halloween, their fear is great

The gates of Hell are open.

One hour when they can roam

Those that made it here before feel unsafe

There may come one to claim that space.

Your children play with them, you think them friends

This may be true, so please don’t knock on Mary’s door

Don’t break the spell.

New families here in town should be warned

Pass by 34 Oakland Street, leave well enough alone

Nobody knows this story to be true.

Would you knock where no lanterns light the darkened door?

Would you make the swap to save a soul from going back?

The one that stands behind you now

Will make the choice if you do not…

©Anita Dawes

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