Two Poems for Halloween…



The Curse

The screaming maid came from afar

Her dress alight, her eyes on fire

The sound she made, the wizard heard

His hazel wand he waved about

Putting the flaming maiden out

Her dress he changed to starlit night

Her voice was heard as she fled his sight

My thanks to you with hazel wand

But not those below.

I will be back when summer’s done

To claim the soul who lit my dress

The wizard waved his wand once more

Too late to recall the maiden’s words

He laid a spell upon the land

To keep her out when summer’s done…

©Anita Dawes


The Cradle

The cradle rocked, the curtains drawn

Silent scream that’s locked inside

No eyes to see, no ears to hear

The thunderclap that splits the night

The ghosts within should stay without

The cradle rocked, the baby’s gone

Changeling sleeps with blankets warm

On Halloween, they make the switch

A cuckoo lives within your nest.

©Anita Dawes

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