This quote gave my optimism quite a boost. Much needed after recent events, I can tell you.


Sometimes, depression tries to creep into our lives, hoping we won’t notice.

I have felt it gently nudging me this past week, every time something refuses to work or I cannot make it work where I could before.

Sometimes I wonder why I talk myself into trying something new, for I don’t really have that kind of enquiring mind, not any more anyway. Either that or I am finally becoming too old to put myself through it.

Take this new and much talked about idea of being able to put reviews on BookBub.

Easy to do, they tell me.

So I find out how it can be done, make copious notes and try to do it. Only to discover that it is only for the US.

Then there is this new (to me) of promoting your books through your subscriber lists. It sounded great and doable. But… and there is always one of those, isn’t there?

I made a start on Mailchimp, our subscriber list people and somehow managed to export our list! I have no idea how or why I did that and have it on good authority that I have only exported a copy and that our list is still there, but I am still worried that somehow my list will vanish into the ether.

So, enter nagging doubt, thinly disguised as depression. I ask myself why bother, why do I care if we only sell a handful of books? Why do I torture myself every single day?

It could well be time to hang up my intrepid dancing blogging shoes and settle for some comfortable slippers…

But will I?   Not on your life!

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