#Wordle 371



Wordle 371.jpg


On Golgotha Christ did make his stand

Did hear the knock as nail hit wood

Mary’s face full of tears

On bended knees, she waits, to watch her Son

Before He goes, she hears the soldier’s awful plans

To do the same again in days to come.

A fact of life in Roman times

Here guilty bodies line the roads

Blood mixes with the earth below.

Mothers worry about their sons

They know their plans to change the world.

Roman law, not for everyone

Life is bland for women living on desert sands

No sex planned, no life renewed

Until men come back from freedoms fight.

Rome ruled for many years

Leaving blood and tears in their wake.

England shakes beneath the spear

Some will stay, while others return to Rome

Where mothers wait.

How many sons are lost by pagan rule

Now England’s left to stand alone,

A blend of old and new.

©Anita Dawes

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