Holding On…


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Those of us that have gone, many of us a thousand years ago or more

We held on too long.

Clinging to Earth’s atmosphere, holding on to the ether

Watching those we love, hearing them

Feeling the pain of not being able to speak to them

To touch, to hold, to love again.

There are many of us here that have no loved ones left alive

Their age was long ago.

They seek to find a way out

Others are held here by pride

Reading about themselves in the history books.

We all have one thing in common

We use the ether to help where we can.

Often, you may feel a sense of us, a sudden memory

Something that was told to you long ago that helps you now.

There are many things we can do, we send new ideas

 That moment of inspiration, that brings a new song to music lovers

A new plot for writers, the list goes on.

There are many of us that yearn for release

To find that place where we should have gone

When we had the chance.

You can help.

Would you shed a million tears to set us free?

Anita Dawes

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