#Writephoto ~ Passage


Our thanks to Sue Vincent for another lovely #writephoto prompt…







When life is pulling at the hem of my skirt

It is time to take a walk through Ravenbrook Forest.

Passing through the tall trees either side of me

Like sentinels guarding the passage of time.

I feel my heartbeat slow my thoughts become mellow

I am at home here in the forest.

I believe the trees remember me

Maybe I have been an elf in a former life

Lived among them, calling them by name.

They talk to each other and if I am still enough

I can hear the stories they have to tell.

I sit awhile listening to the leaves as the wind passes through

There is no finer music than that of the forest

The light that shines in Ravenbrook  renews my soul

I can go home now.

Maybe one day I will write the stories I have heard

Of the many corridors, I have wandered through

While sitting with my old friends.

They will still be here when I am gone

I know each time I journey here

I leave a part of my being with them.

As I leave them behind,

I hear them whisper, “See you soon… “

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