#Wordle ~ 440 #Poetry


I told myself I could not fix the wrong in my life

don’t stand still, start walking

A blue shimmer of light from the woods

Caught my attention. Blink and the world changes

So I kept my eyes wide. A lone fox stared back at me,

dark black eyes full of knowing,

cunning, deemed me no threat, moved on

Standing so close to this wild creature

My heart felt soothed, touched by invisible balm

That’s when I decided to turn off my ring tone

Silence the world outside

I realised the blue light was fading

Trying to hurry towards it, I could feel magic calling

I caught the last shimmer, stood staring at a small pile

of white stones. One blue crystal lay on top

As I touched them, I felt a strange pump

to the beat of my heart as if something had tried

to kick start it into a new rhythm

There was nowhere for the light to have come from

Or know who arranged the stone there

I left the woods feeling glad a strange hand

had placed them there for me to find

Somehow, I knew a part of my life had been fixed

Magic, imagination, strange gift from the woods

I don’t care which. I felt mended

Ready to turn my ringtone back on

Meet the world head on

I would start by opening an account

For the Woodland Trust, by way of thanks

Maybe next year, check into a woodland retreat

I would put the kind of magic I found there

On the National Health, if only I could…

©anitadawes 2020