Today was Supposed to be a Good Day…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I must apologise for the confusion yesterday, as I have no idea why everything got so mixed up. If you didn’t notice, please ignore this post!

Today was supposed to be a good day, concentrating on doing all the things I enjoy, like creating a book trailer and working on more promotion ideas. So far, it has not been a walk in the park.

There had obviously been more tinkering going on overnight. The minute I logged on, I was plagued by something called Mcafee, insisting I had five viruses on my computer and simply must use their magic to get rid of them. Persistent little bugger, it just wouldn’t go away!

Then, I found that I couldn’t log into my emails. Apparently, they thought my provider didn’t exist anymore. Well, I spent the next hour checking everything I could think of, my temper growing all the time. Not sure what worked, but all of a sudden, my emails appeared, and I could start work.

That was roughly when I discovered I had posted the wrong material under a totally different heading yesterday. God knows what the recipient thought I was doing! I can only surmise that I need to take it easy for the rest of the day, give my poor brain time to catch up…


Hope you have a better day!

Sincere Apologies…

Image by 95C from Pixabay

Most of you know what happened to us over the weekend, and we have done our best to explain the situation to all those who contacted us to see if anything was wrong. So this post is for so many others.

Our main email address was hacked

Whether for gain, or simply annoyance, this message was sent to all of the contacts on our mailing list. This included our landlord, tradespeople and just about anyone we have ever contacted. Quite a list in over eight years!

And this wasn’t all. I wanted to send a group apology to everyone on our contact list and due to the scam, or the fact that our email account was frozen while BT sorted it all out, our email list has been trashed. It was neatly sorted into convenient contact lists, but when I rescued it from the trash, it was all mashed together and will take hours to sort out.

Did you receive this email?

I have tried the amazon site but it’s not working please can you try to order and and have it sent to her email address :

I need to spend £100 on the cards . £100 Amazon gift card value . Please would you be able to purchase on my behalf and email to the recipient email address :

Birthday message : Have a great one

Please let me know, so i can arrange a payment to you as soon as I can please let me know

This is a nasty scam, and hope no one parted with any money!