#SundayStills ~ Leaves, Autumn or Spring #Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt.

The theme this week is leaves, autumn and leaves. 

Image by JA2020 from Pixabay

The Little Red Acer

Everyone seems to be talking about leaves today.

With all the stormy and windy weather, they have been gathering in gloriously colourful heaps everywhere.

Bittersweet autumn in all its glory…

This is the time of year when I have my very own autumn in my yard. All of my bonsai begin their sleep process roundabout now, some of them gradually changing their colour and then their leaves.

I used to feel sad at this time of year, seeing them stripped bare, their branches revealed again, but this is part of their cycle, and God willing, they will all wake up again in the Spring.

Most of them are in no hurry this year, happy to pretend that winter is not on its way.

Except for one.

Earlier this year

This Acer is usually green, but it turned red overnight this year. And then the leaves began to fall.

This could all be perfectly normal, of course. Or it might mean that the tree is failing. The weather has not been kind for tiny trees in pots, and I almost lost my lovely white Azalea earlier this year.

There is not much I can do, this close to the cold weather, but I might slip it out of its pot and look at the roots. The smell of the root ball can indicate trouble, too…

Can anyone else smell trouble?

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