Too Close to the Sun… #Poetry

This amazing poem comes to you today fresh from Anita’s notepad… Enjoy!

The fragments of my mind spin
bumping into each other
like a broken kaleidoscope
The rainbow behind my eyes
Swim in brilliant colour, thoughts 
illuminated by their brightness.
Like arrows flying, sharpened by 
some unseen hand
Their weight gathers, dragging me into
dark alley ways
Shadows flee at my approach.
I am unchanged, free to be what I will.
Yet one thought lingers, free from the others.
It follows, as I walk on walk on water,
under the rising moon
That one thought tells me I have lived forever
I will live again.
A new body, a new life
Each single thing returns.
Time has no hold on the spark you become,
I leave you with one thought.
Don’t fly to close to the sun, as I did…


17 thoughts on “Too Close to the Sun… #Poetry

  1. Simply wow Anita…Loved it.
    Why fear the Sun, be brighter than it, maybe just for a micro second:

    In the dance of time, I’m just a spark,
    Not afraid of the sun’s might,
    In that moment, I blaze, a celestial light.
    Brighter than a thousand suns, I gleam,
    A fleeting brilliance, a radiant dream.
    Eternal cycles, I willingly weave,
    Fearless, I sparkle, in the moments I believe.

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