The Determination of a Purple Pansy…

At the risk of being a boring old fart, I am still going on about the struggle it takes to do anything different these days.

Except for writing, of course. Luckily, creating characters in unusual and interesting situations works better than ever. Something I am incredibly grateful for. More time to do this would be a bonus.

As for everything else, if it’s very technical, I have trouble. I will keep bashing my head on the wall until I get it, and this is where I am losing time.

I start with all the determination in the world. (my patience is legendary.)

My latest endeavour, which everyone assured me would be easy, was changing from boring old Mailchimp to the brilliant Mailerlite.

This has taken me more than two weeks. I have almost succeeded, so it has been worth the struggle. I think!

There are days when I wish I wasn’t so stubborn. My life would be much easier (and safer) if I gave up and moved on more often. That wouldn’t get the baby a bonnet, as they used to say, so I am stuck with myself.

My sister dragged me out of the house yesterday to see something special, she said. She had just returned from one of her daily walks, so I was intrigued.

She has the knack of finding unusual things, sometimes things that pass unnoticed by most of us. We hadn’t gone far when she stopped beside a car.

I like to find these special things without asking for directions, so I looked around. We often walked this street, as it was the straightest route to town. Usually full of parked cars and the untidy habit of leaving the rubbish bins outside the houses on the pavement, so I had plenty to look at.

Nothing special, as far as I could see.

And then I saw it.

Growing in the gap between two kerb stones was a purple pansy. I had to bend down to see it properly, amazed that it seemed strong and healthy even though I could see no soil. The cheerful faces of each flower filled me with admiration. That determination will always win, one way or another.

I wondered where the pansy had come from, as these houses didn’t have front gardens.

In the past, when I have found something growing in impossible places, I have often tried to dig it up to give it a better life. This does not always work, and most have turned up their toes, so I left it there. I will come back to retrieve any seeds that develop because I’m daft like that.

I walked home, inspired and full of renewed determination, thanks to that lovely pansy…

10 thoughts on “The Determination of a Purple Pansy…

  1. Wow. Such an inspiring story from a sight which could have been easily ignored. Not many people could create a story out of it. Loved your story and the purple pancies.
    In the city’s concrete jungle so tight,
    A purple pansy, a resilient delight.
    Between the stones, it finds its grace,
    Nature’s marvel in an urban space.

  2. These beautiful purple pansies just did their job not knowing they were so useful for inspiration and motivation. I think it’s the same for what we do. We’ll never know how we motivate others by what we do. Lovely post, Jaye!

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