A Weird Week… #Wednesday

I suppose it had to happen.

Despite a faint, lingering weirdness in the air, I couldn’t find anything to write about on Wednesday.

For some reason, I woke up feeling grumpy and couldn’t shake it off. I tried ignoring it, always my first choice, but it stuck to me like glue. I tried to work through it, which is my second choice. This almost worked, but my heart wasn’t in it, and I soon gave up.

This was a kind of weirdness, although not exactly what I wanted to talk about. Of course, I knew why my inner calm had decided to take the day off. My latest endeavour had been proving difficult, to the point when giving up on it seemed the only option. And I don’t like giving up…

I have had to give up on many things, and quite a lot of things have given up on me. I had wrongly assumed that those days were finally behind me, and then I got too old, and my brain is not what it was.

These days, I have to pick solutions out of my head, like using a pin to eat winkles. With about the same result. You never get them all out in one piece, do you?

Desperate to do something, I finished updating my new book covers on Goodreads, Smashwords and D2Digital. It needed doing and went some way to soothe the depression beast.

After lunch, a bona fide weird happened.

The sun had decided to appear after all. It was shining through the living room window onto a new bowl my sister had recently bought. This bowl was glass; we often have rainbows when the sun hits them.

When I was summoned to see the magic, I imagined more of the same effects. Imagine my joy to find a rainbow all right, but this one was inside the bowl!

This little rainbow was just what I needed to push all that frustration away.

Please tune in for another weird day tomorrow, as I already know what I’m in for!

5 thoughts on “A Weird Week… #Wednesday

  1. Rainbows are sent to brighten the world. When do we see them usually? When rain is falling, then the sun comes out. They say, “See! It’s not always gloomy. It will pass and the sun will shine again.”
    And that has given me inspiration for my poem for today (In December, I committed to writing one poem a day for a year, but am now getting to the *stuck for new ideas* phase). So thank you for that.

  2. Rainbows always work.🌈.
    Good for clearing up the grimmer of the Writer’s Moods. Wise call to work on book covers, visual add-ons are often fun. I like peppering quirky posts with them.
    Best wishes for your new venture.

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