Jaye’s Week… The Order of Things…

I wonder what this week will bring?

For a start, I will see if I can go a whole week without complaining, as I seem to have done a lot of that lately.

I cannot do it indoors, so why do I think it’s okay here?

Of course, I shouldn’t moan about anything, as my life isn’t that bad at the moment. Some parts could be a little better, but to be honest, I don’t think that is possible, all things considered.

On a positive note, the writing is going well. I am enjoying the latest book I am reviewing, and I am actually sticking to my diet. My knees will thank me later!

I have also changed the cover of Nine Lives. I hated the old one so much I used to cringe every time I saw it.

I am not going to mention the trouble I have trying to change our email management. We were not getting anywhere with Mailchimp, but not sure which one will replace it. I will get it right eventually, so I’m not too worried or dismayed. I am also determined to tackle my to-do list, one job at a time.

Whether I choose them in the right order remains to be seen, but as long as they are removed from the list, everything should be hunky dory…

This is me at the end of the week, I hope!

21 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week… The Order of Things…

  1. I hope it’s you at the end of the week, too.
    I changed from MailChimp to Mailerlite. No problems with the change. They imported all my contacts, so I didn’t have to think about it.

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