The Snowball Effect… #Problems Solved?

I have a bit of a problem, one I have been trying to get a handle on for most of this year.

Despite many approaches and different methods, I always seem to end up back at square one with too many irons in the fire or balls in the air, whichever rocks your boat.

My recent ploy was to tackle just one thing every day, and although jobs were getting done, the effect on the pile of jobs was minimal.

On a good day, I can manage to clear quite a few jobs, which has me feeling inordinately proud of my achievements.

I seem to be quite efficient at the day-to-day routine tasks; it is everything else that I have trouble with.

All of this is what I call the snowball effect, and most of you will probably know what I mean. How just drafting a book can unleash a never-ending stream of jobs that keep on coming. Calling it marketing is how the experts describe their prowess, but this is something I haven’t been able to master. Maybe I never will.

I have read all the advice on this problem, like giving up social media for a while or checking emails, but I need a long-term solution before I get too old to know what I am doing.

I want to super streamline my working day, so looking for help with this, if, of course, there is any. Maybe this happens to all writers/bloggers…  and I am not the only one struggling?

Oh no I won’t!

21 thoughts on “The Snowball Effect… #Problems Solved?

  1. This is a forever ongoing struggle for me too. I come up with strategies and they fall apart beneath the sheer volume of tasks. I’m cutting back on blog posts starting in November. I’ll let you know if it makes a difference, but I’m skeptical.

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