Jaye’s Week… #Milo #WorryBox

This week started well, so I suppose I could be forgiven for thinking it would continue…

After the strimmer incident, I thought I must surely be in front of any more worries…

But I was wrong. Lurking in the back of my worry box, I knew something was wrong with Milo, our crazy cat. I always like to give my worries time to sort themselves out, and sometimes they do.

But not this time.

I had hoped it was a passing thing, that he must have eaten something unsavoury in the garden, but when he refused to eat for a second day, my alarm clock started ringing loud and clear. This was the cat who tried to eat me out of house and home, always begging for more food. He sounded wrong too. Normally a noisy and very loud talker, all he could manage was a weird squeak.

I rang the vet early yesterday morning. They were busy, but could manage to see him at 1.15.

They checked him over thoroughly, but nothing presented itself. A slight temperature, which she thought could be due to the weather. Two injections followed, one for nausea and one for inflammation.

We took him home on the understanding that if normal behaviour didn’t reappear within 24 hours, to bring him back for further tests. As I write this, nothing has changed. I managed to tempt him with chicken yesterday, and he did eat a little, but he left the rest.

The 24 hour deadline is 2pm, so if he refuses lunch, we will be taking him back to the vet…

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