In the Shadow of… #Poetry

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In the Shadow of…

In the shadow of the mountain, I prayed
The shadow cooled my blood, not my desire.
It clawed at my soul
To give back to those who had taken from me
Leaving my life empty
I am little more than a ghost.
One puff of wind, I will be carried away.
That I could not allow
They cannot be left to win.
As I prayed, I heard the mountain whisper,
“Turn away from your thoughts.
Don’t let them win, by taking the last part of your soul.
Walk awhile in my shadow.
Find new thoughts there to ease your mind.”
After walking for a long while
I found a part of myself that had been lost.
As I made my way home, I knew one thing for sure.
Some thoughts only vanish for a while.
They return…


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