WIP Wednesday…

So much for all those plans I had for this week!

Somehow, I have managed to upset my arthritis even further, and walking is almost out of the question.

On the bright side, there are things I can do sitting down, so work is still being done.

I have finished the baby clothes and done a huge amount of upgrading and editing on two books from our backlist. Then I switched writing heads and picked up the current WIP. That’s when I wished I was fixing the patio…

I am about midway into this very complicated mystery, and I think I might have painted myself into a corner. Most of my characters know what they’re doing, but I seem to have missed the boat with my villain. Somewhere along the way, I have missed some vital clues that would have helped right now. There is nothing for it but to backtrack through all twenty chapters to figure out what’s missing.

Before you ask, I have to say that I did outline this one, seeing all the possible complications, but I have obviously missed something. Normally when this happens, the character is usually smart enough by this time and has plenty to say for himself. This one loves to be mysterious, but I didn’t expect him to start treating me like one of his victims!

Milo has finally Done it!

Milo has finally mastered the catflap!

He no longer needs the door open and can come and go as he pleases…

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday…

  1. You are doing the right thing by going back to see what is missing on your WIP. Good boy, Milo. You will be a much happier cat with happier owners. Sorry about the arthritis flare. Hopefully it will subside soon.

  2. Whoo hoo for Milo! Kitties are so smart. Hope you find your way out of your writing dilemma. Maybe your character will help you out a little. 🙂

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