Time and Tide…

Image by Orlando from Pixabay

… wait for no man. Or woman, for that matter.

Halfway through the year already, it will be 2024, before we know it. I cannot decide if this haste is a good thing or not. It could mean we will get to some good stuff a lot quicker, or are we simply hoping to avoid all the bumps in the road as we whizz by?

Of course, there’s not a lot we can do about it anyway.

These were my thoughts this morning as I looked back at what I have managed to accomplish this week. Although it didn’t seem like much, it was more than last week, so that was something. I am still spreading myself a little thin, so I have several jobs nearing completion. Most of which are long-standing projects and deserve a fanfare at the very least when I send them on their way.

Work on the WIP has been promoted back to the early morning, as I am far more creative then. Progress is expected to double because of this simple change.

Something else that will change around here is the weekend activity. It’s never been easy to do anything at the weekend. Too many interruptions usually mean that it’s easier not to start anything complicated, but that always leaves me regretting all the lost opportunities. So, I am going to attempt to finish the patio tomorrow. It’s an old patio that was never finished properly, and the crazy paving has become loose and dangerous. I have spent a lot of time removing the weeds and need to float some quick-setting sand and cement into the cracks to stabilise the loose paving. If I manage to pull this off, you will probably hear the cheers where you are!

I am expecting next week to be even better, and wish the same for everyone.

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