Jaye’s Week …

Good morning to all our friends, readers and writers everywhere. We hope life is treating you well. But if it isn’t, give it a good kick in the shins!

November already, and where did the year go?

We know where some of it went, as we are still trying to recover from a nasty encounter with the covid virus. We have tested clear, but not feeling well at all yet.

What has surprised me most about this virus is what it does to your brain. I have been trying (slowly) to pick up where I was before, but it’s just not happening. Which does not bode well for any reading and writing I want to do. Routine tasks seem safe, but anything that needs thinking about is basically a lost cause.  They call this ‘brain fog’, and it seems most people end up with it. I hope it doesn’t hang around for too long, for I distinctly remember having a long list of new ideas to implement.

Along with my crazy head, the weather is pretty crazy too. Torrential rain and gale-force winds are doing their best to keep us indoors, where a noisy extractor fan in the bathroom is driving us all nuts! It refuses to switch off and runs all night. Hopefully, we can get it fixed soon…

We will probably spend what’s left of the year trying to return to normal, but something tells me that ‘normal’ days could be a thing of the past. I have just heard that the Christmas turkey could be a memory this year due to more avian flu.

We dread to think what 2023 has in store for all of us, but early signs are not hopeful…

Anyone know what kind of clouds these are? We have never seen anything like this before…

27 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week …

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  2. Covid seems to be picking up speed again, Jaye. I hope your brain fog dissipates soon and you can get back to your projects. I’m still testing positive and blowing my nose like a foghorn, but at least not coughing as much. Ugh. I have no idea what kind of clouds those are, but they’re dramatic! The rain has started here too, the sky a gray sheet until May. Take good care of yourself while you recover your senses! Hugs.

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  3. That’s a fascinating cloud pattern. We’re getting similar weather here on the southwest coast and it’s showing no signs of abating yet.
    I’m sorry you have brain fog and lingering effects from COVID. Here’s hoping the symptoms settle soon.
    Hugs 💕🙂

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