Jaye’s Days… #Bad News

We never know what’s around the corner, do we?

Just when I thought we were chugging along, managing all the necessary everyday things, something decided to drop a bombshell on our family, causing worry and a fair bit of chaos.

I was still glowing from the success of the book launch for Ghost of a Chance and making plans for my next endeavour. I had originally decided to take time out until after Christmas, but that didn’t seem quite right. So when number one son came home from work feeling decidedly unwell, all kinds of alarm bells started ringing.

The thing we have been dreading had arrived.

A routine test confirmed our worst fears. After avoiding the covid virus all this time, it was now in the house, and we were in all probability, next in line.

We have been taking precautions, literally washing our hands every two minutes and avoiding contamination where possible, but today, five days later, Anita tested positive this morning. She hasn’t been feeling well, but we hoped it was a cold. I just hope she is strong enough to fight her way through it.

My tests have been negative, and I hope they stay that way. If I get it too, we may starve to death, as I’m the only one who knows what to do in the kitchen!

Jaye – wishing for the best!

38 thoughts on “Jaye’s Days… #Bad News

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  2. Rats!

    Hope it’s over soon. Please make sure everyone affected RESTS aggressively afterward – and avoids the lingering long covid sequelae – which is so like the ME/CFS that I have lived with for over three decades, and we know is exacerbated by pushing to resume normal life, and exercise, and stress. Hope none of you get that part.

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  3. Sorry to hear your bad news. Best wishes and hugs to Anita. Fingers crossed she manages to fight it off and isn’t too I’ll.
    You might be lucky and not get it. There have been cases where a member of the household of sufferers has escaped.

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