The Miracle… #Poetry #The SundayWhirl #Wordle573

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 
He stood on the bridge beside her
Holding her by the wrist
It was close to the break of day
With the wind howling, he could tell
Both their lives were at risk of falling
He thought she couldn’t be more than eighteen
He felt the miracle of holding her
Trying to stop her from ending her life
He spoke in a clear, soft voice
Feeling the thin thread of life
Pulling her toward the water below
Turning her tear-stained face towards his
She let him help her down from the bridge
Thanking him for her kindness
She began slowly walking away
He couldn’t let her go
What if she tried further along the bridge?
Catching up to her, 
he offered to take her for breakfast
This became the start of a beautiful relationship
Forty years later, the soul he saved 
was still smiling…


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