Six on Saturday…

Sunflowers: I can’t believe how much they have grown!
Sweetpeas, with flowers already!

tomatoes: gonna be huge!

a new arrival!

Our only rose!

Plenty of berries for the birds!

I can’t believe how fast everything is growing, seems they like the heat.

I hope they continue to like it when the temperature soars this weekend!

I am posting an extra image today as I am fascinated by the developing buds on those sunflowers. I haven’t grown these before; they are a dwarf variety with multiple flowers…

Looks a bit alien, doesn’t it?

You can check in with Mr Propagator: at to see how an expert does #Six on Saturday.

I should get a lot of writing done this weekend, as I’m staying indoors, out of the heat.

Stay cool too, everyone!


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday…

  1. We’re expecting a high of 81 degrees and sunny. Your garden looks wonderful. I have a large balcony and planted tomatoes, Munchkin Sunflowers, Scarlett Runner Beans and Mini green peppers from seed in February. Plus moonflower and morning glory vines.
    One of the Sunflowers is finally showing yellow and the tomato plants have green cherry tomatoes ripening. Morning glories are blooming and the runner beans have flowers and growing taller than my trellis. There are flowers on my mini peppers.
    Its fun isn’t it. Something to look forward to each day.
    Keep watering and stay cool!!!!🍒🌻🍁😎


  2. It’s wonderful to see how fast things grow. You blink and wow . I hadn’t been on our plot in the allotments for two days I was astounded at how everything had shot up.
    Keep cool this weekend your way. 😎
    Everything looking good.. 👌 😍 I enjoyed your photos x 💕

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