Sixes and Sevens…

I think all this heat has done something to my brain.

My desk is littered with half-finished blogs, post ideas and a load of stuff that I wanted to finish yesterday.

Added to all this confusion are two WIP and a pile of reading matter.

I seem to have been very busy this morning but couldn’t tell you what I have actually done.

It will be another scorchingly hot day, but it’s reasonably cool in my office, so I can’t in all fairness use the heat as an excuse. So, why does everything seem weird today?

Just to illustrate how weird, we were in the office discussing book stuff. All the doors and windows were open on the cool side of the house and there was a gentle breeze, which was very welcome.

Right in the middle of our conversation, there was a loud chirp which seemed to come from right behind me. Anita was nearer the door and saw the culprit.

‘Oh my God, it’s that friendly thrush. He’s in the house, what are we going to do!’

Now, Anita is superstitious and thought a bird in the house was a lot more than odd. But this thrush has been a regular visitor to our garden since early Spring. Loves to follow me around when I’m gardening, happy to retrieve worms from right under my feet.

I grabbed my camera, as he really was a sight to behold, but he wasn’t going to hang around this time, and wandered off down the hall and out the back door.

Quite made my weird day even weirder!

This isn’t our visitor, but looks just like him!

23 thoughts on “Sixes and Sevens…

  1. We had a house in France some years ago. When my brother -in-law was staying with us, he woke in the night hearing a noise on the windowsill. Imagine his surprise when he got up to look to see a barn owl looking back at him.
    We had a starling a few months ago. We left windows open at opposite sides of the house and he (or she) eventually found the way out.

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  2. Great! What a wonderful guest! 😉 Maybe he was seeking a new home for the colder days coming. Three years in the past we’d experienced nearly the same, with a blue tit. It has entered the house, and only as we opened the door it very slowly started to leave. Step by step always one of us two in surveillance. Lol xx Michael

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