What a Difference a Week Makes…

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

What a difference a week makes…

Last week was full to the brim with enthusiasm, goodwill and progress of a kind not experienced in a while.

This week should have been more of the same, at least if I had anything to do with it, seeing how it was my birthday on Monday.

A glorious day, with all the family, masses of flowers and so much happiness and laughter, finishing with a Chinese feast!

Yesterday, I couldn’t get going. You would think all that good cheer would have followed me, wouldn’t you? But apparently not. I tried to go through the motions, fake it until you make it and all that, but it wasn’t happening.

I decided to clean the windows.

I am a bit weird like that. Stop me from doing what I want to do, and I am just as likely to do something completely different. Usually, something that will always welcome my attention. I don’t normally volunteer for housework, being my least favourite occupation. Things get done, eventually, with a minimum of enthusiasm.

Then the TV started playing up, refusing to allow the simplest of directions. Anita watches a lot of TV these days and needs an efficient service. Two reboots later with no noticeable improvement, it was clear something had to be done.

I picked up the phone and rang Sky.

What happened next you couldn’t make up. Our living room turned into one of those comedy sketches as we tried to follow the instructions relayed to us over the phone. These involved the landline and my mobile phone/camera. Sky needed to see what we were complaining about, what the TV wasn’t doing. I know, it sounds crazy.

At one point, I had a phone in each hand, trying to remember which one I was talking to, and which was taking the pictures. When I was asked to work the tv remote too, Anita had to step in as I had run out of hands (and a lot of my patience)

What happened next was hilarious, and I must congratulate the poor woman at the end of the line. Listening to the pair of us trying and failing most of the time, to follow her barely understood instructions, or keep the camera steady or pointing at the TV, she must have wished to be somewhere else. I couldn’t hear her laughing, but we were!

Then, I was instructed to run into the office to photograph the broadband hub. Why I couldn’t have simply pressed what I thought was the right button is anyone’s guess. For nearly an hour, we were running around like demented idiots, but what we managed to do, among all the false starts and mistaken responses, somehow worked. Huge sighs of relief all around, I couldn’t wait to put the phone (and everything else) down.

As the woman got ready to sign off, she casually mentioned that we were eligible for a FREE upgrade on our subscription as our equipment was way past its sell by date.

I listened carefully, naturally suspicious, expecting there to be a trick somewhere, but it seemed genuine. You never know when Fate decides to be kind, and God knows it doesn’t happen often, maybe this week won’t be a total waste after all…

Off to rescue the rest of the week!


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