Exciting New Development in the Office This Week!

My Desk ~ Editing ~ Image by Jaye Marie

I have been turning the computer off early every day this week, desperately trying to knock my current WIP into shape without any distractions

This work has not been a good write by any stretch of the imagination. I have literally lost the plot on more than one occasion, resulting in major shuffles, brain crushing revisions and mind-numbing depression.

To be honest, it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, trying to write anything. What with all the hospital visits, blood tests and caring for the most unwilling patient in the world, someone who has no idea how to accept being incapacitated, never having been ill in her life before.

So, one way or another, the past twelve months have been a nightmare.

Desperate to do something, anything to lighten the load, I have been trying to create a little enthusiasm around here. I have tried suggesting days out (now Anita is stronger and we can go out!)

Nothing seemed to work.

Until yesterday.

I had left completed chapters of Ghost of a Chance on my desk and was upstairs changing the sheets on one of the beds when I heard loud wows coming from the office.

These sounded like good wows, so I quickly finished what I was doing and rushed downstairs.

Anita has never been interested in my writing, as detective mysteries are not her thing. So, when I discovered she had been reading the chapters AND thought they were good, the sudden burst of enthusiasm in the room was amazing to feel and very welcome. We spent the rest of the day discussing my book and my lack of progress. So, when she offered to beta read/edit it for me, I nearly hit the floor. Editing has never been her scene, always been my job and I love doing it.

Well, I did until I became a writer too, as I don’t think editing your own work is quite the same thing.

So, how is it going?

I have the first six chapters back and am amazed they are not completely covered in red ink. I am also amazed by the points raised, as just changing a few words here and there has made such a difference.

I have always admired Anita’s writing skills, to discover another of her talents has come at the perfect time for both of us…

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  1. Awww. That sounds like a great writing day, Jaye. Anita’s “wow” was just what you needed, I think. I hope the burst of enthusiasm and energy propells you forward. And get Anita out of the house on those lovely days as we move into spring. 🙂 Happy Writing!

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