Helpful Hands?

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This was then…

April 2017

We were looking at our website the other day, as you do… and it was decided that the small slide show of all our book covers looked a bit puny. We decided to remove the offending article and reinstate our book covers down the sidebar, complete with clickable links to Amazon.

Should be easy, I thought. I had done it before and remembered how to do it. A little fiddly, but not too difficult. We have eleven books between us so it would take me a while.

I managed to upload four of the covers before the trouble started. The fifth cover uploaded okay, but somehow it removed cover number four. How was this even possible, I thought?

I tried again, and the same thing happened. I kept on trying, because I’m stubborn, but couldn’t get it to work. I swear something happens whenever I try to do the simplest of jobs but thought I would retreat and see what happens tomorrow before I lost it completely.

The following day, it seemed worse, so I decided to have a word with WP so-called ‘happiness engineers’, and it makes interesting reading! At this point, I wanted to show the actual transcript of our conversation, but it refuses to convert.

This is how it went

Me: “I am trying to add some images to my sidebar, but they just don’t appear…is there a limit to how many images you can have?”

WP: “Hi there, let me take a look…”

WP: “Is this the site you’re referring to?

Me: “Yes.” (We only have the one…)

WP: “And you are trying to customise it here, is that correct?”

Me: “I get an image from media and then go to widgets and images, I fill in the boxes and save, but then they just vanish…”

WP: “I see that one of the images is not displaying. The URL appears to be incorrect.”

Me: “but I get the URL from the media screen…”

WP: “Is this the image?”

Me: “That one was successful, so was the Simple cover, and Bad Moon. I would like to add more.”

WP: “I don’t think ‘The Ninth Life’ is added correctly. I don’t see it on your page. Do you see it at ?”

Me: “Yes.”

WP: “I see a broken image, like this:

Me: “I don’t understand, it looks all right to me. Why am I having a problem adding new images? I just clicked on the previous link and the image is not there. This happened a lot yesterday too.”

WP: “You should be able to add more images. I’m unaware of a limit. I’m testing right now and don’t see any problems. Can you tell me the steps you’re going through when you have problems?”

Me: “Something is wrong. Images that do appear suddenly vanish and others won’t upload at all. I choose an image from media (haven’t I said this already?) then I go to widgets and image, add the URL from the media page, fill in the boxes and save. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it works but removes an image already there in the sidebar.”

WP: “Are you using the media browser at ?”

Me: “Yes.”  (Slowly losing the will to live round about now…)

WP: “It’s important that you open the image and by selecting the image and clicking ‘Edit’. From the image editor, you can copy the URL (gosh I would never have thought of that…) Is this the process you follow?”

Me: (trying very hard to keep my patience and my sense of humour) “I don’t usually have to click on ‘edit’ as the URL is in the box already, so I just copy and paste. Is this wrong?”

WP: “The image for ‘The Last Life’ didn’t have the correct URL. You may need to change how you get the URL. This is how I get the correct URL:

ME: “That one didn’t upload at all. I will try this and thank you for your help. Going now…”

WP: “Ok. If you have any more difficulty, we’re here to help. Have a great day!”

I love using these new ‘live chat’ thingies, so much better than an email, especially for a thick head like me. You see, not only do I hate technology (because I swear it hated me first) I have trouble understanding it too, even when someone tries to explain it to me. So having someone on the end of the line is usually better. I can keep asking the same question until something clicks into place.

I must add, WP was very helpful when we first joined, often hitting the nail on the head when I made stupid mistakes, so not exactly sure why it was different this time.

This is now…

February 2022

Shortly after I wrote this post, I gave up asking those ‘Happiness Engineers’ for help, as even with copious amounts of screenshots to show them what I was on about, help was spasmodic at best.

Now, apparently, they are busy changing things again, resulting in mass disappointment and confusion. I haven’t experienced all the changes yet, but if this continues, we may have to find a less complicated way to blog and promote our books…

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  2. I sympathize with you. WordPress worked just fine when I first joined . Simple to use for numpties like me. Why change something that not only ain’t broke, but is easy to use?
    There seems to be an idea that everyone is tech savvy. Sometimes, when I want to do something, like add a form from Mailerlite, I’m given a bit of code and told to add it to WordPress’s code. What? How? Where? If I get it wrong, will I wreck my site? There’s never a step-by-step account as to how to do it.

  3. Oh, i am feeling sorry for this! WP has really become a very mysterious platform, since this new editor took place. If you are on a paid subscription you should able to choose a gallery plugin, right? Whats about presenting the covers inside a so called “slider plugin”? 😉 xx Michael

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