10 Things Anita Dislikes…

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I shall have to give some thought to the things I dislike, probably far more than ten!

Does anyone else want to share their dislikes on here?

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite on a Monday and would love to know what sets your teeth on edge!

12 thoughts on “10 Things Anita Dislikes…

  1. Kitchen appliances (and kitchen design in general) that are designed by absolute idiots who have never had to clean them.
    People who think that shouting at deaf people (with an angry look on their faces because they feel inconvenienced) is an acceptable form of communication.
    Brussel sprouts are OK if they’re cooked properly – not too overdone that they are mushy and not underdone so that they still taste like raw cabbage. 🙂


  2. I love sprouts, so does my daughter-in-law and while they are gutting the kitchen we are having strange meals like ready meal Chicken Korma with fresh sprouts done in the el cheapo Wilkinson’s electric, plastic steamer! My newest pet hate is disposable face masks, Especially when worn under the nose!

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  3. Brussel sprouts split the family and my son and I are definitely in the yuck section! 😀 I don’t mind spiders as such and their webs early on a frosty morning are quite spectacular! One of my partiuclar dislike are dog owners of unruly dogs who yell to me that their dog is ever so friendly before 1. knocking my child off his bike 2. jumping up with muddy paws on my new white coat which I just received for christmas!

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  4. I agree with you! But honestly, why Brussel sprouts? 😉 One can make a delicious soup of it. I had to eat it some years at boarding school. Some memories you will never forget, all over your lifetime. By the way, the only alternative was potato soup. Lol Have a nice week! xx Michael

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