Stevie Turner’s Ninety Nine Creative Writing

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

Ninety Nine – August 25th

Each Wednesday Stevie will post a sentence to start the ‘Ninety Nine‘ story off, and then anyone can join in and finish it so that the story has a total of 99 words. Some Ninety Nines will be more difficult to finish than others. Please keep it reasonably clean. Thanks.

Here’s the first sentence…

Another roof tile crashed to the concrete below and broke in two.

And this our addition…

The sudden noise had curtains twitching and lights blinking on in several of the neighbouring houses.
In the darkness, I watched the small shape make its way across the roof, heading for the open window.
Another tile slipped, causing the small figure to lose balance and slide towards the edge of the roof.
For the briefest of moments, it hung on the edge of the guttering
Before sailing through the air and landing on all four feline feet.
A sigh of relief escaped from my lips…

© Jaye Marie 2021

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