A Very Different Day Out!

Image by Nicola Giordano from Pixabay

Our day out had been planned for weeks and was the only time that fitted with the family members involved. It was also the first time we were officially allowed to be together! 

The weather report for our area sounded awful, howling gales, torrential downpours, and low temperatures. We should have called it off, but we all needed some time out, rain or no rain. And it couldn’t be that windy, could it?

We were headed for Worthing on the south coast, just a normal seaside town but one we hadn’t visited before. Part of our idea of visiting new places.

The journey by car would take an hour, at least it would have done if the traffic hadn’t built up around Chichester, adding another thirty minutes.

None of us mentioned the fact that the wind was trying its best to shove the car off the road and we arrived in good spirits, probably because it wasn’t raining.

The only trouble with visiting new places, is you never know where anything is or how much walking is involved. This is more important than ever these days, what with my arthritic knees and Anita’s heart condition.

Once out of the car, we were at the mercy of the wind, which was seriously trying to remove our clothes. It was bitterly cold too, and as we were all starving, we looked for somewhere to have lunch. This lead to another problem.

Lockdown might be over, according to the government, but the shops in Worthing obviously hadn’t heard about that and were still operating a strict policy of facemasks and limited admission to all shops.

It was at this point in the day that I think most of us wanted to go home, but malnutrition was setting in, and at least two of us desperately needed to sit down, so we renewed our search for a suitable eatery with a little more enthusiasm.

After lunch, we made our way to the sea front, eager to see the ocean in all its glory. Not that we could see very well at all, the wind so strong it was trying to push us over and was inverting our eyelashes, but what I could see of it was outstanding. There is nothing quite like an angry sea, huge waves building out to sea then careering towards us before crashing down on the beach. Even over the sound of the wind the noise of the water was deafening!

As days out go, this one was certainly different. Despite the weather, or maybe because of it, we all had a good time and haven’t laughed so much in months…

I tried my best, but conditions were awful! The noise you can hear is the wind!

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