Jaye’s Week…


The past seven days have been one hell of a week. So many good moments, but the elephant in the room hasn’t gone far away.

  • Our marketing/business plan is finally taking shape. We feel optimistic about the future for the first time in years.
  • I have been signed off as cancer-free from the hospital. The last five years have seemed like an awfully long time.
  • I had to have a tooth removed, something I dreaded, for the last one had to be chopped out in four pieces! The new dentist turned out to be a genius, it was all over in five minutes!
  • The re-edit of SPB is going well, with a lot of help from the paid version of Grammarly. Amazing job!
  • We found out that our local garden centre is open, so we had to go. On one of the coldest days too, so not a good move…


  • It might be a long time before we are ready to start any serious marketing. There seems to be so much to do first!
  • I don’t feel so confident now I am supposed to be cancer-free. Supposing it’s just waiting to make a comeback?
  • Turns out that the new dentist has feet of clay after all. He managed to badly mangle my bottom lip, something I knew nothing about until the anaesthetic wore off. It is very sore and is stopping me from enjoying anything!
  • Right in the middle of editing, an error message turned up, halting the proceedings. Microsoft Office was apparently broken. I had to google the problem and then perform a repair. You couldn’t make it up, could you?
  • This one is not really a step back, but I did pick up some lovely seeds, some I have been meaning to grow for some time…

Cannot wait to start gardening!

25 thoughts on “Jaye’s Week…

  1. Plant those seeds Jaye and watch them grow (not all day of course, you can take a few minutes off). As they grow, die, and regrow again you’ll notice as time passes that the cancer is slowly forgotten and you have the chance to regain control of your own life again. Well done on the five-year milestone. Keep well.
    Huge Hugs

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