Tangled Webs

France & Vincent

Funny how things work out, sometimes.

One can begin from a seemingly random event and trace a whole journey back through the years, but we seldom see the map as we are travelling.

I can give you an example. Trawling the internet one day several years ago, I came across a blog where every post had depth and one of them spoke to me rather deeply. I explored further. The guy lived in mainland Europe, yet was born, like me, in the north of England. Like me, he too was a student of the esoteric and spiritual. And blow me down, a member of the same school.

So I emailed him on impulse. He sent me a copy of his book and we corresponded sporadically. I posted occasionally on his blog, Asteroth’s Domain, but there was no real reason to the friendship. It just was. Just a random event, it…

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One thought on “Tangled Webs

  1. Amazing they’ve never met. After I met my to-be wife some years ago she took me to meet her parents who it turned out, lived in the same flat my grandmother had lived in and which I had decorated. I had to do it again. She took me to meet her sister and family up country, and I had been there the previous month chatting to them for another reason. Playing some music one night I found some LP’s that looked very familiar and it turned out they were ones I had loaned someone I worked with who had left them behind when he and she had broken up. It was nice to have them back. We married since it seemed destined.
    Massive Hugs


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