Acrostic Poem…


Super summer holidays
Up with the lark, ready to run,
Play all day, pay our dues to childhood.
Eat sleep, energy to spare.
Rain, let it pour, we will play anyway.
Carousels with ringing bells
Arcade attractions light our eyes.
Lemon drops, candyfloss, hold them tight.
In our pyjamas we see
Firecrackers late at night
Run outside for one last look.
Ask mum for an early lunch.
Getting closer to counting down the days
In childhood memory, we are left to play.
Little longer, we ask. Not easy to do when asked twice.
In swimsuits beneath our clothes
Sun sea and sand, we stay out late.
Tired from too much sun and fun
In soft, clean sheets, we dream.
Careful now, to hold on tight.
Extra tickets to go around twice.
Xanadu in mind, we pay for one more ride.
Parents waiting, supper made, smiling faces, we say happy days.
In the sea, we found a starfish
Andy almost threw it away.
Lollipops that melt away
In the sunshine, we play with sticky hands
Down to the sea, we wash away.
Over rocks and boulders, we scramble
Careful not to slip. Mum packed us off with plasters,
In case we scraped a knee
Open shops along the way, call us by name we say.
Using all the pennies, we put away,
So holiday fun we could say we helped mum and dad along the way…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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