BlogBattle ~ Revolution

February #BlogBattle: Revolution

February 2021 Blog Battle

The word this month is:


My dad had a lot of crazy ideas, this one was the best crazy yet.
Mum said it would be in the yard by
the end of the week with the rest of his junk.
The hugest telescope I had ever seen.
Dad and I put it together, learned how to focus it.
That night from the spare bedroom, my heart jumped from star to star.
fourteen years old and I know what I want to do with my life.
I told dad I wanted to work at the Hubble Observatory.
That night I witnessed my first spiral galaxy.
I had fallen into one of mum’s bible stories.
Revelations came to mind; something began for me that night.
Mum was right, dad will be bored by the end of the week.
Some might say, dad had been marked by the beast 666.
a number that drives the crazy in him.
mum wouldn’t like to hear me say that,
she would be crossing herself half the day,
saying Jonathan, mind your tongue!
Before going to bed, I made sure dad knew I wanted the telescope.
He smiled; we didn’t need too many words,
I knew the scope was mine…

© Anita Dawes 2021

19 thoughts on “BlogBattle ~ Revolution

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  2. I’ve never figured out how to reliably focus a telescope on anything smaller than the moon, but I love looking at the heavens through one that someone else set up. Comets, planets, nebulae, stars–they’re all fascinating. So, I could relate to your fourteen-year-old protag. And I loved the relationship between her and her father. Very vivid writing! : )

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  3. I really liked the mention of Revelations – it dovetails so nicely with Revolution. There is indeed nothing quite so cool as looking through a telescope and contemplating what all still can’t be seen even as we marvel at Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s moons. Nice touch on how the son was hooked, even though he knew his dad would become bored. And with the reference to Mum’s Bible stories, one can’t help but wonder if there were unseen forces at work!

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  4. Another good pieces ladies. I’m assuming the Revolution part is in the crazy thinking and a divergent career path in consequence? Although, that said “spiral” Galaxy works too haha.

    How are you finding the new format? I know you were always fast off the mark. How’s Anita too…so many questions… haha.

    Seems Dad knows his girl well. I’m thinking the scope was always hers and he knew what she wanted before she did!

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