Another kind of lockdown…

Two days before Christmas, my computer hub started flashing orange instead of the reassuring steady blue light I am used to. My heart sank, knowing all hope of working had just gone up in smoke.

After a healthy rant and several phone calls later there was nothing to do but switch off and leave the office until normality could be restored.

The office felt alien this morning, but I switched on the computer, just to see what I could do, if anything. I must wait until 8am to telephone anyway. Turns out I can still play solitaire… Yay!

Checked into the fault line and ended up talking to a very pleasant young man called Derek. When he said it would take days to fix the problem, he must have heard the despair in my voice, for he offered to send me a mini hub so I can get back online while we wait.

Sounds good to me, but will it arrive tomorrow, as promised?

I was expecting a dismal day, twiddling my thumbs and all that but I try to think positively, and ended up sorting out several jobs that have been waiting for an eternity for a quiet moment. We don’t get many of those these days, do we?

After lunch, I put on my writing hat and forced my brain to come up with something, anything really for I was secretly getting desperate. Possibly some sort of email withdrawal pains!

True to his word, the mini hub arrived the following afternoon. All I had to do was plug it in and wait for it to charge. I don’t have a lot of faith when it comes to promises or computers for that matter, so when a small blue light started blinking at me, I turned on the pc and looked for the link. One click and I was back in business!

I was now a happy bunny, which is more than I can say for Anita. With no land line and a limited television performance, she was spitting tin tacks! Hopefully, they will fix the fault before she explodes with frustration…

© Jaye Marie 2020

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