Anita’s Heart, and where we are now…

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Seven years ago, when I had my heart attack, I was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. The ambulance crew ran the tests on the way, and when I arrived at the hospital, I was taken straight to the Cath Lab, where a stent was fitted in the failing artery.

I went home the following day, as right as ninepence…

I know most of the family were expecting something similar when Anita collapsed and was diagnosed with heart failure last week.

Unfortunately, she was not so lucky.

This past week has been upsetting, confusing and frustrated us all to hell and back. Due mainly to the restricted access to information because of Covid 19. We couldn’t visit Anita, and the doctors are so busy, nailing one of them down for a detailed explanation was well nigh impossible. We had to gradually piece together all the scraps of information until we had a clearer picture, but the result of our detective work was heart breaking. Ours that is…

Not only did Anita have a nasty chest infection, and a build up of fluid on her lungs, but her heart was so severely damaged that any treatment apart from medication would probably have killed her.

So we, and the doctors played a waiting game for most of the week, adjusting her medication repeatedly until she began to respond. Anita didn’t become stable (don’t you just love that expression?) until late on Thursday.

And this is where the confusion started again in earnest. They began talking about Anita coming home over the weekend. But how could she come home without any treatment for her damaged ticker?

It wasn’t until we became first class pests that we learned of their plan.

Because of Covid 19 and the incredible workload at the hospital, and taking into account Anita’s increasing cabin fever, it was decided to allow her to come home to continue to recover until she was well enough for an MRI to assess the extent of the damage to her heart. Only then would they know how to treat it.

So, as of late Saturday afternoon, we collected Anita and became official carers. Armed with a pharmacy of pills, a strict regime, and orders to make sure she rested, we knew it was down to us to keep her going…

But I am sure that all your good wishes, hugs and healing prayers played a huge part in getting Anita this far, and we (the whole Dawes family) thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

45 thoughts on “Anita’s Heart, and where we are now…

  1. A big step forward and hopefully, just the beginning of a strong recovery. Thanks for the update, Jaye, and I will be sending more prayers, healing thoughts, and positive energy to Anita, and to all of you who love her! Don’t forget to take care of yourself! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Thank you for the update. 🙂
    So glad you persisted with the doctors! Busy or not it feels like getting straightforward information out of them is like pulling hen’s teeth sometimes!
    Is Anita resting willingly or is someone having to sit (figuratively) on her? 🙂
    Big hugs, my friend. 🙂

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    • Each day she is getting stronger and moving around more. I try to tell her that she is only stable and not fixed, but I think all the medication is making her deaf! (I needed those hugs!)

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