Mind Meld… #Poetry



Image by Pixabay.com



In my hand I hold a key

Three golden gates stand before me

Past present and future

The key does not open the first two

The third opened easy

My future rushes past me

Like a drowning man

I grab for a life raft

I am wrapped around a fallen log

The green river carries me past

A city of glass domes

A row of houses with stained glass windows

Golden skinned people walking the streets

Going about their daily business

This is not the future I had planned

The river moved me on

Past lush green pastures

Rainbow coloured horses running free

An image from a child’s colouring book

But not where I should be

When I wake in the hospital bed

Having been knocked from my bike

I am saddened by the loss of images

My mind had carried me through

My future now, was waiting

For a broken leg to mend

And a story to write…